Living Water

Week 5

Shannon Lovelady
July 22, 2018

It’s not going to accidentally happen. The Gospel on your end is an intentional choice to say, “I want that! I surrender.”
— Shannon Lovelady

God, thank you so much for this morning. I thank you for your Word. I thank you that your Word is alive, that your Word is active and it's sharper than a two edged sword. God, right now, specifically, my prayer is that you just get me out of the way and that your Word would speak to us this morning, God, that you would just be crystal clear by your Spirit. I know there are people from all different walks of life who have set foot in this place this morning and they're coming here for a reason. They intentionally got up this morning. They intentionally got in their car and they intentionally drove to this place for a reason, so God, whatever that reason may be, God, I pray that you would show them this morning, through your Word, why they're here. 

God, some of us have known you for a long time. We've been walking by your grace and walking in your Word for a long, long time, God, but this morning maybe we need encouragement. Maybe we need to be uplifted. Maybe we need to be challenged, convicted. I’ve got to pray that you would just speak to us. I believe there are people in this room that don't know you as their Lord and Savior, God. My prayer for them is that they will be open to the Gospel, maybe for the first time this morning, that they would hear your Spirit clearly call and God, that they would dive in headfirst and entrust you with the results. 

God, some of us again, just need to know that you are who you say you are, that you are alive, that you are Living Water and, God, some of us desperately this morning need to feel alive. We need to know that you are God and you are in control and you love us desperately. So just speak to us wherever we may be this morning. Again, get me out of the way. In Jesus' name. Amen. 

So, “intentionality.” How many guys work out any? Any of you a workout buff? Alright, three of y'all. Awesome. So, we've got City Station Fitness upstairs. Now I encourage you guys to join. No, I'm just kidding. Not really, but no. Come on now, how many of you guys work out? Let's ask it this way. How many of you guys are in shape? Anybody in shape? Yeah. All right. Now look at the folks whose hands are raised. We need to help them out a little bit. Guys, we’d say, you think you are. But let's talk. Let's get real. Here's the deal man. We don't get in shape by accident. Do we? Come on, help me out. Crowd participation time. We don't get in shape by accident, do we? I mean some of y'all do and you make me sick. Folks like David right there. You don't get a body like that without working hard. Yeah. That's a lot of years of wear and tear to be looking like that. Sorry, man. You stood up. Yeah. Call me out but I got a mic. But I mean you’ve got to work hard. 

I was walking down the aisle here right before service started. I walked by Dwayne and he’s sitting in the back.He’s one of our elders and leads our worship. Dwayne's like one of those manly guys that grips real hard. It was like, “Hey brother,” you know, one of those guys. So I have started working out this week. Yeah. Can y'all see it? So I started working out this week. I told Eddie his job is to make sure that I've got a six pack and arms. He's got six months to do it because I want Natasha when I get up in the morning, and I get out of the shower, and this is TMI, to be like, “Oh wow!” ( Laughter) I don't understand why you're laughing like that's not possible or something. Come on now. So anyway, Eddie has kind of an impossible task, so pray for him. But I’m starting to work out this week. 

I've done the cardio thing. You guys who have been at Southern Hills any amount of time know about my cholesterol issues and stuff. Several years ago, I started watching what I eat and the cholesterol intake. Two Januarys ago, after Christine Cole ran by me with a jogging stroller at our Resolution Run 5K, I was like, that's enough! I'm going to die. So I lost about thirty-five pounds just running and watching what I was eating, but I have no muscle. I've never had muscle. I was a soccer player, my legs have always been strong, but upper body? I've never had any muscle. So, I’m thinking, You know what? I want to work on that. So I told Eddie, “Go to town, man.” He set up this program for me and he made me promise I wouldn't call them out from stage, but I’m gonna have to call them out a little bit. He hurt me really bad but I was intentional about it. I didn't realize how bad I was hurting until, back to Dwayne, I went walking down the aisle and again, Dwayne has one of those mainly bro handshakes and is a hugging kind of guys. I go to shake his hand and when I did, he shook my hand. He reached up and he grabbed my arm. You know how you can grab and somehow squeeze your arm like that. I went AHHH! Please! I didn't know I had a muscle there. They're going to hurt really, really, really bad. Don't do that again. But y'all just watch! Y'all watch the transformation over the next six months. You’re going to be in awe. (Clapping) So yes, thank you. Thank you for encouraging me. Thank you. Somebody cares up in this place. 

Well, let's just be real, man. That doesn't happen without intentionality. That simply doesn't happen without intentionality. I believe our spiritual growth, our spiritual lives do not manifest, do not grow in the way that they're supposed to grow without intentionality. I believe Jesus modeled it over and over and over again for us. Jesus was very intentional. We talked about, as I've talked about the book of John, that John was very intentional. Remember he said he wrote this book so that we would know who Jesus is, that He is the Messiah, and that by believing in His name, we would have what? Come on, please help me out. We would have what? Life. Wow! Thank you. All six of you. We would have life. John was very intentional about why he wrote about Jesus, was very intentional about how He lived and how He did ministry and so today I hope that we're encouraged as we read just one of my favorite stories in the gospels. 

I preached on it many times, John 4 and this Samaritan woman at the well, and the intentionality of Jesus, how He did life and how He lived life. I hope that we will in turn be convicted about the intentionality of our lives as Christ followers. Specifically, this morning I'm talking to you. We have been given an incredible gift of the Gospel. We've been given the incredible gift of grace. What are we doing with it? What are we doing with it, man? So John 4, we're just going to go through this together. It's a lot of verses. I think it's like forty. Yeah, forty-two verses. So y'all hang on a minute and we'll get through it, I promise. John 4:1. Here we go. “So Jesus knew the Pharisees had heard that He had been baptizing and making more disciples than John. Though Jesus himself didn't baptize them, His disciples did.” 

Okay, this is a side note here. This has nothing to do with this story really, but it is fascinating to me how even the religious leaders back then noticed who is following whom, and even the religious leaders back then got all worked up about who's disciples were who and what this guy was doing, and what this guy was preaching about God. We have almost three hundred churches in Carroll County and I have to tell you, some of you guys are pro. Let's just be real. Some of y'all are probably visiting here this morning from another church and welcome, I'm glad you're here, but man, can we just get over ourselves just a little bit in churches. I mean, there are over three hundred churches in Carroll County, but if you look at the statistics, just a small little portion of Carroll County goes to church on Sunday morning. But we want to get all worked up about who's doing what over here. Guys, do you understand that as Christians, a lot of times, I think the world looks at us and says, “If that's the way Christians act towards each other, why in the world would I want to be a part of that?” 

If you're from anywhere else, this morning, I’m not talking to you right now. I'm talking to Southern Hills Christian Church. Those of you who are family here, we belong to each other. Let's get over ourselves just a little bit. Man, this “ain’t" a competition! There are so many people who are lost in this county. There are plenty to go around, but we like to point at other churches and go, "Oh, did you hear? Do you see? Did you know that?” God is so not honored by that. That is not who God is and I got news for us, Southern Hills Christian Church, if we think we’ve got it all figured out, we’ve got another think coming. I mean, I firmly believe that I will stand before Jesus one day and He's going to say, “You are lucky for my grace. My grace is sufficient for you, Shannon.But is that really what you thought when I said this…” I'm going to stand before Him and He's going to go, “But your heart was surrendered. Welcome. Well done. Good and faithful servant.” And any of us that think we have the market cornered on church world or Jesus, man, open up your eyes. We're on the same team, guys. That was free.

So they knew that Jesus himself didn't baptize. His disciples did. So he left Judea and returned to Galilee. I think that's weird to me, like wherever you see “so” or “therefore” and again, side note, what are you supposed to ask? Help me out church? What's the “therefore” there for, right? And he says “The religious leaders knew that he was baptizing and making more disciples than John. Even though Jesus didn't baptize, his disciples did. So he left Judea and returned to Galilee.” It's almost like Jesus himself said, “You know what? Nah, I ain't got time for that. This isn't about me or John. This isn't about who's baptizing whom? I'm done. That's enough. You guys have seen enough. I'll come back later. I said I was done now. Okay.” 

So, he returned to Galilee. Verse Four. He had to go through Samaria. What's that say? Right there. He what? He had to go through Samaria. Why would he have to go through Samaria? Anybody have an idea? Judea is here. Galilee is up here. Guess what's in the middle? Come on. This ain't rocket science. Help me out. Judea is here. Galilee is up here. Guess what's in the middle? Good job, class. So Samaria is in the middle, but it says he had to go through Samaria. Why did he have to go through Samaria? Because it was on the way! Right, but you know what? All good God fearing Jews, do you know what they did? They didn't go through Samaria. They didn't go through Samaria because Samaria was full of these nasty wicked folks that they just didn't get along with really well. They believed that a good God fearing Jew would never set foot in Samaria. So what they would do was go way over here by the sea and they would kind of go around Samaria like good God fearing Jews that knew the Word, right? They knew, the Pentateuch. They knew the law like good God fearing Jews and would never ever, ever be caught, unclean walking through Samaria. But what does John say about Jesus? Verse four, it says He what? He had to go through Samaria. He HAD to go through Samaria. 

A little backstory, just a little bit. The reasons Samaria was just such a big deal is because of the way they were seen by Jews. So quick history lesson. You've got the northern tribes of Israel, the southern tribe of Judah, okay along the way, after Solomon, the tribes split, Jeroboam decided he would go north. They said, we want you to be our king. Rehoboam stayed down south with Judah and he was the king of Judah. Okay? Remember where the Holy City was? Somebody help me out. What was the City of Israel? Jerusalem. Jerusalem is where they were supposed to worship. That's where they're supposed to go to the temple. Jeroboam said, “You know what, if I'm not careful, now we've got these two kingdoms, and when my people journey back down to Jerusalem from the northern tribes of Israel, when my people journey back down there, they're actually going to turn on me and they're going to decide to become a part of the southern tribe of Judah again.” 

And they're going to make Rehoboam their king and so, you know what he did? He said, “I'm going to create two new temples. I'm going to create two new temples in Bethel and Dan.” Big Deal, right? If we know our church history, then it was a really big deal? God said, “No, my temple is in Jerusalem, Israelites, Jews. My temple is in Jerusalem. This is where you come to worship.” Now we know, thank God for the Gospel and that the veil has been torn and we worship anywhere we want now.” You'll see this later on in the story, but at this time it was a really, really big deal. The reason it was a big deal was because Jeroboam not only built these two temples, but he also said, “You know what? We're going to build these golden cows.” You guys hear about it over and over in the Old Testament. It's like this go back, this fall back that the Israelites always go back to. This pagan worship from these foreign nations? Jeroboam says, “It actually wasn't Yahweh. It actually wasn't God who brought us out of slavery, who brought us out of Egypt. It was actually these golden cows.” And so again, this idol worship starts and before we get too judgmental, man, we know today we are some idol worshiping junkies. 

No, we don't bow down to golden cows, but man, we live for a whole lot of other things other than the one true God that we were meant to live for, don't we? And so good God fearing Jews knew that these guys began to bring in pagan worship in the northern tribes of Israel and some even began to marry some Assyrians. All of a sudden this God's chosen people, the Israelites didn't even begin to resemble who God's chosen people were in the northern tribe. Total pagan worship. It wasn't about race as you'll see in a little bit. And again, I, I beg you here in the good old south, please don't ever, ever, ever, ever think about when scripture talks about intermarrying with other tribes, He is not at all talking about race. When He talks about being unequally yoked, scripture is talking about being yoked with people who aren't believers and the destruction that it can bring and the hurt and the heartache that it can bring. Nothing about race. 

So John says, He had to go through Samaria on the way. The reality is He didn't have to go. Why did He do it? Church? Help me out. Why did He go through Samaria? Good God fearing Jews don't do that. Why did Jesus go through? He had business to do. It wasn't an accident. He wasn't just driving along and what? Oops, I'm in the wrong side of town. Oh, He wasn't just on a Sunday afternoon joy ride and then discover how did I wind up here? Well, I guess I'll do ministry now. Jesus was intentional about showing up in a place that most people wouldn't show up in. I begged some of you guys, especially some of you, middle aged white guys, to come up here at 6:00PM during the week. Play basketball with us. You want to talk about being at a place that's unfamiliar as you get dunked on. But I'm serious. Why are we doing that Southern Hills? Why? Why did we build this building? 

You want to talk about intentional. I was having lunch with Jay Gill this past week and I want to remind you, like basketball games, this building, apartments upstairs, restaurants, a brunch on Sunday morning… Why would we do that? We're a church. Why? Because it's intentional and if we're not intentional with these tools that we've been given, you know what? They are a waste of money, a waste of time, a waste of incredible gifts that God has given us. What do we do? We had seveneen students move in yesterday. Yeah, you can woo that. We’ve got seventeen students that moved in yesterday. It was so cool to sit up here and to learn their stories. This one girl, is going into her second year in her Masters here at West Georgia. She's from Texas now. Used to be Illinois, now she calls Texas home and she's here and she's being discipled. She may be sitting in here this morning, I don't know, maybe in PJ's, because she lives upstairs now. Southern Hills, what are we doing? How are we being intentional? Ministry doesn't just, newsflash, ministry doesn't just happen! Now it can, don't get me wrong, but Believer, Child of God, Follower of Jesus Christ, if you want to walk in your calling and search out your calling every morning, you'll wake up in the morning going, Lord, what do you have for me today? What do you have for me in this next moment with my family? What do you have for me in this next moment? It doesn't just happen. Jesus didn't just happen upon Samaria. He HAD to go there. Why? Because He had a calling. He had a ministry. He had a purpose. 

 So eventually He came to the Samaritan village, Sychar, near the field that Jacob gave to his son, Joseph. What's it say in verse six? Jacob's well was there. What's significant about Jacob's well? Anybody have any idea. See, what I love about Jesus, is Jesus was all about reaching you in a common way. He was like, “I’m about to teach you about things that you know nothing about, but until we can get to the things that you know nothing about, I'm going to find out what we have in common. “I’ve got to be honest. It's sometimes intimidating to reach out into places where you feel like we don't have anything in common, but the reality is as human beings we all have one thing in common. You know what that is? We are all broken and we desperately need a Savior and we've been given a mission. What did these guys have in common at Jacob’s well? You know what the Samaritans and the Jews could agree on? They could agree on the Pentateuch. You know what the Pentateuch is? The first five books of the Old Testament. Why could they agree on that? Well, because they all came from that same background and you know what? Ultimately they could go, you know what? We disagree on a whole lot of things, but you know who we agree on. We agree on Jacob. 

We agree on Jacob and you remember Jacob had the two sons. Remember the story, the two sons, and from there we had these two nations that began to divide and split off, but previous to that, they could all go, yeah, we're tracking. We got the same Father, Abraham. 

So Jesus comes along. Not by accident. He didn't just show up at the well. He didn't go, “Wow, I had no idea Jacob's well was here. I had no idea that existed in Sychar here in Samaria,” but Jesus said, “You know what? I've got business to do I. I'm about to flip everyone's world upside down, and so He had to go through Samaria. He gets to Samaria. He gets to Sychar an He shows up at Jacob's well. It’s significant because that's one thing they had in common. Again, church, I want to encourage you, never, ever, ever, ever forget that what you have in common with everyone who's ever, ever breathed, ever lived, is that you need a Savior, just like they need a Savior. It's common ground, man. We all live in a broken world. We’ve all experienced hurt, we’ve all experienced pain. It looks different for some of us. 

So Jacob's well was there and Jesus was tired from a long walk. He sat weirdly beside the well at about noon time. What's significant? About noon time? Anybody have any idea why in the world would you go in the heat of the day? I know, again, some of you guys are going to Israel with us here in October and you'll find out in the heat of the day, that it is hot. It is hot. What's significant about noontime? Well, people that would come to the well to draw water, whether it be for the animals, for themselves, for washing, whatever it might be, people that would come to the well to draw water at noontime went why? Because they didn't want to be with anybody else. Well, why didn’t they want to be with anybody else? Find out here in a few minutes. This woman is broken. This woman desperately needs hope. This woman desperately needs living water, desperately needed somebody to be intentional with her. Now I've got a question for you guys. How many guys know somebody who desperately needs living water? Good? Just curious. Show of hands. Who desperately needs hope? We’ve got work to do this week, Church. 

Whose life has hit them square upside the face so hard that they feel like I'm done. I have no hope. Church, believers, I'm talking to you right now. Followers of Jesus Christ. You guys who understand God's grace, you've received God's grace. You're walking in His light. You have something special. You have something powerful. You have God Almighty living inside of you, and we all raised our hands and say, we know somebody who desperately needs to experience that life, that living water, that hope and my question would just be, what are we doing with it? Are we just hoping that one day the conversation will come up? Are we being intentional? Are we putting ourselves in a position to be intentional to bring conversation? 

Jesus shows up at noontime in the middle of the day. Why? Because that's when broken people show up to the well, noontime, and middle of the day, and soon, sure enough, a Samaritan woman came to draw water and what does Jesus say to her? “Please give me a drink.” He didn't say, “Hey, let me teach you something.” Did he? Nah. He said, “Can I have a drink of water?” He engaged her. 

The coolest thing is over the last couple of weeks it has been slammed. It has been crazy busy, having open gym, with more than one hundred people a day coming through here. Most of those are twenty year old something guys from West Georgia or local neighborhood, most of those coming in here. Just looking for a place to play. They're coming in here to play basketball and join in. One of the coolest things is for me to sit right here with this big old metal curtain shut that you guys probably didn't even know exists. This metal curtain shuts so that basketballs can't get on the stage. The curtain comes down, basketball goals are out here and I sit on the stage and go. “So tell me about yourself. What are you majoring in? Why are you here? Is that your son? How'd you find out about this place?” Some of the stories! We’ve got a guy that's here for a couple months from the Coast Guard. Got another guy that reached out to me after the holes in the wall. You guys don't know this, but there's now three holes in the wall behind that. We've got more pads coming, don't worry. But he reached out to me on facebook. Chris, and he'll be here eventually. We're supposed to grab lunch this week, but Chris reached out and was like, “Man, sorry about that.” He said, “Hey, I'm always in the wrong place. Wrong time. I'm probably going to step back." And I was like, “Please no, don't step back. Come on.” He's bringing his friends. Some of you guys have met him. He was up here playing the other night. His girlfriend lives here at West Georgia. He's a postman in Ellenwood. Great guy. Just getting to hear a story that I wouldn't have gotten to hear if I hadn’t been up here at night, researching holes in a wall by a basketball, 

Please give me a drink. He was alone at the time because his disciples have gone into the village to buy some food again. I believe Jesus was very intentional about that because He knew his disciples weren't going to understand. They're going to be, Jesus, we can't do this. We can't do this. They had only been with Him for just a little bit of time. At this point, they still didn't understand what the kingdom is about. He's like, “You know what? I'm hungry. Go get me something to eat. I got work to do.” My question would be, for some of you guys in this room, how many of your friends are holding you back? 

Because you know God has put a calling on your life. You know that God has asked you to step out. You know He's asked you to be bold. You know, He's asked you to be something, to do something different, to put yourself in a situation that you might not be comfortable with, that people are going to look at you. Why are you doing that? I don't understand. That makes no sense, but you know God has called you to do it. You know you have a mission. You know where you're supposed to be, but you're too worried about what everybody else is going to think about you. Can I encourage you this morning, send them to get something to eat, whatever that means. 

So the woman was surprised. Why was she surprised? Because Jews refused to have anything to do with the Samaritans. She said to Jesus, “You're a Jew and I'm a Samaritan woman. Why are you asking me for a drink?” Let me ask you something. Why do you think she knew Jesus was a Jew? Did He tell her He was a Jew? Help me out. Did He tell her He was a Jew? No, He didn't tell her He was a Jew. You know what that tells me? Jesus didn't change who He was to minister to this woman. Jesus didn't show up and say, “I’ve got to look like a Samaritan now so that I can minister to the Samaritan." 

 When I come and play basketball out here, the few times I played out here, I don't put on my chain and put in my earrings. Let's just be real. I COULD put on my earrings. Bet you didn't know that, did you? I think I still could. I haven't put them on in a lot of years. I don't come out trying to be somebody I'm not. All right. I'll shoot threes. That's it. Y'all have seen the movie, “White man can't jump.” Y'all have seen the movie. I shoot threes. I jog up and down, trying not to have a heart attack and I'm like I'm going to hang out here in the corner. Don't feel bad for me. Dish it. I'll shot threes. I probably will miss it. That's what I do. I don't try to play like somebody. I'm not. I don't try to act like somebody. I'm not. I don't try to talk like somebody. I'm not. I don't guys. I want to encourage you, be who God has called you to be. 

He's gifted you. He's created you perfectly. He knit you together in your mother's womb, in His image, just the way He desires you to be. Be that person created in the image of God, but holy surrendered to God, willing to step into whatever environment, wherever He's asked you to step in, whether that be in the workplace, in the family. Some of you dads are sitting here going, I can't be that guy. I can't be that guy. Yes, you can be that guy. God created you just the way He's wanted you to be created. Now minister to your kids. Serve your wife, love your coworkers. Be who God's created you to be. 

She says, “You're a Jew and I'm a Samaritan. Why are you asking me for a drink?” Verse 10, Jesus replied, “If you only knew the gift that God has for you and who you are speaking to, you would ask me, and I would give you living water.” See what Jesus does right here. You see what He did, right? He changes the conversation. See, this woman thought that she was coming here getting something to drink. Jesus pretended He was going there, getting something to drink, but Jesus had a mission all along and that mission was the gospel. Let's be crystal clear what the Gospel is, in case this is your first time here. The Gospel is simply this. We are created to find our worth, our value, our hope, our everything in God the Creator, by being created in his image. We have this sin nature that says, “You know what? I desperately want to be God of my own kingdom. I want to be God of my own kingdom, and so we tried to rule our own world. We tried to be in charge of our own lives and tried to find our worth in ourselves and in how we parent and how we were. 

We tried to fill every hole we possibly could with ourselves, but we serve a God that loves us so much that He said, “Shannon, you were never meant to find value in yourself. You were meant to find value in me. You were never meant to find hope in yourself. You're meant to find hope in me.” My God loved me so much that He came and He lived on this earth. A perfect life in Jesus Christ, and what is that perfect life? A perfect life is simply a life that finds its value where it was meant to find its value. That’s doing the will of the Father. Jesus lived that life, but that wasn't enough. He died a death so that He could take on my sin, take on my idolatry, take on my failures, take on my fears, take on my insecurities, but He conquered death and He rose from the dead. 

Jesus said He came that we might have life and life abundantly or  life to the full. Jesus is just now beginning to reveal who He is and so He sits here with this woman. When He says, you thought we were here talking about water but that's really not why you're here. Church, you will be amazed at what can happen when we would put ourselves in uncomfortable situations, knowing that we have one purpose. That purpose in this life is to find our Hope in God and to show others that their Hope is in God and God alone through His Son, Jesus Christ. That's it. That's why we were created, Church. It’s such a sweet place to live and know that it's not about how good of a parent I am. It's about, am I chasing Jesus, and then He'll change the way I parent. Am I chasing Jesus, and then He'll change the way I preach. Am I chasing Jesus? Then He'll change the way I'm a friend. Turn your eyes upon Jesus and this world will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace. That's the gospel, if we'll insert ourselves into those situations with the intention of showing living water. 

I was up here yesterday. A guy was out here playing basketball. I'd noticed he had a kid with him and they got done. They were getting ready to leave and I went over and just introduced myself and said, “Hey man, did you enjoy it? What do you think about the gym?” He said, “That's awesome. I've only been here a month. What is this place? Moved down from Philadelphia.” And I said, “It’s for the community.” I said, “Has your kid seen” and I whispered, “the playground yet?” And he said,” Yeah, we saw it driving in.” I answered, “No, I'm talking about the indoor playground.” And he said, “What? Shhh. Not right now. Not right now.” I got it. I said, “No, that's cool. That's cool.” 

I said, “Well, how'd you find out about it?” He said, “I stopped by Sportsplex looking for a gym to shoot in. And they told me about this place.” I said, “Are you talking about the fitness center Sportsplex?” He said, “Yeah.” I said, “Have you've seen our fitness center yet?” And he said, “What? What is this place?” I said, “It's a church man! That's what! It's Southern Hills Christian Church. That's who we are and this is just a community center that we happen to worship in. And he answered, “Okay, never mind. Let's go look.” We went and saw the housing and he said, “I’ve been here a month. My wife  and I were looking for a church home.”

That would've never happened if I had just let the guy grab a drink of water and said, “Man, you're a good ballplayer. Thanks for coming.” You've been given so many opportunities. You're going to leave this place today. You're going to walk out of these doors. And the second we say “Amen” and dismiss, you're going to have opportunity after opportunity, after opportunity, after opportunity to show people that the reason they're here isn't why they think that they here. And when you run into people at lunch, they think they're going to just eat lunch, but they're not going to eat just lunch. They’re going to encounter and discover the grace of Jesus Christ, and you're a tool in that search. 

So He gets personal with this woman, verse sixteen. He says, “Get your husband.” Then it gets real, because He knows. She says, “I don't have a husband.” Jesus says, “You're right. You don't have a husband, for you've had five husbands, and you've not even married to the man you're living with now. You certainly spoke the truth." And so then the woman said, “Oh, you must be a prophet. So tell me why is it the Jews in Jerusalem worship here and Samaritans worshiped there.” If you ever noticed, when it starts to get real and you start to get personal, people want to talk religion, don't they? We start getting down and dirty in people's lives, and make no mistake, Jesus was intentional about that as well. We belong to each other, Church. We weren't meant to do life alone. My sin affects you. Your sin affects me, and the most loving thing I can do is grab your hand and you grab my hand and go, “Hey, let's walk this out together. Let's find our purpose in Christ and Christ alone.” 

So then they talk and He goes on to continue to share the gospel. And then we get down to verse twenty-six and and think about this. This is the very first time that Jesus does this. Check this out. Jesus tells her what in verse twenty six? “I am who I am, the Messiah. I am the Messiah.” Interesting fact. You know, this is the first time He's revealed his identity to anyone in the gospels. That's not by accident. This is a broken woman who's living with a guy, who's had five husbands, who is ashamed of who she is, who knows she's broken, who's an outcast from society because she shows up at the well at twelve noon when nobody else is there. This broken woman, this person that society says, “You are worthless. You have nothing to offer. Life is over. God is mad at you. God doesn't like you.” Jesus says, “News flash!” 

“The Messiah, that’s me!I’ve got water. I’ve got life to give you.”He goes on to preach to her and again more about who He is. His disciples show up and they're freaking saying, “Jesus, aren't you hungry?” He's like, “Y'all are idiots. You'll get it later. Tells them my nourishment doesn't come from that and this woman.” Then she goes back and she actually says, if you'll look, and I can't remember where it is, but if you look, she actually leaves her bucket at the well. Check it out but she leaves her bucket at the well. In other words, the reason she came to the well, what's she do? She leaves it. She forgets it, because she understands. That's not why I came to the well today. I actually came to the well today to meet my Savior and she's so excited.

 She leaves without finishing the very reason that she came. She goes and tells her whole town and she actually says, “Come, you have to meet this guy who told me everything I've ever done,” is what she says. Is that what Jesus said? No, Jesus didn't tell her everything she had ever done. He told her one thing. He said, “You got this man issue. You're finding your worth in men.” But you know what? This had become her identity. Some of you guys are here this morning and you've been told you're a loser. You've been told you're an addict. You've been told that this is who you are. It's become your identity. 

You need to hear this morning that is not who you are. Christ took that. It's not who you are. You've been crucified with Christ. You all know it. No longer you that lives, but Christ who lives in you! Christ, who lives in you. That's your identity. That's your identity. You are the righteousness of God. You are justified. You are holy. You are chosen, you are adopted, and Jesus tells this woman this, and she goes, “I can't hold it in,” and she goes and tells the whole town. Then you know what Jesus did? He stays two days in this village that Jews aren't supposed to stay in. Why? Because He's got work to do. 

What do we do in church? What's He called you to do? Some of you this morning, you've experienced it. I just want to ask you a couple of questions and we're going to be done. Have you experienced this living water? Some of you guys are sitting here this morning as we talk about this living water, abundant life to the full, the Gospel. You're going, “I don't think I've ever experienced that.” If that's you today, I'm begging you, I am begging you. We’re going to sing. There's going to be people over here that would love to talk with you. We'd love to pray with you. We're getting ready to have a baptism here in just a minute. And if that's you, step out, dive in, jump in. What's holding you back? It’s not going to accidentally happen. The Gospel on your end is an intentional choice to say, “I want that! I received that. Here we go. I surrender. I surrender.” How are you being refreshed by this living water daily? What are you doing to drink from this? Well, how are you growing in Jesus Christ? Most importantly, Christian, how is God calling you to be intentional this week? Where is He calling you to step out? What are you going to do with this Good News that you've been given? 

God, we thank you for Jesus. We thank you for your grace. We thank you for your mercy. God, I thank you that you intentionally created me and you intentionally gave your life for me so that I could have life and I could have it to the full. Thank you for loving us in Jesus' name. Amen.