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We were never called to only be disciples; we were called to make disciples. The very essence of discipleship is actively participating in Biblical community with other believers. Discipleship isn’t meant to be an individual process; it is communal at its core.

[d]Groups are a tool to help keep us on mission - ”making disciples who make disciples.” [d]Groups are 3 to 5 people of the same gender gathering together weekly for the purpose of accelerated spiritual formation. Through reading God’s Word, prayer, and accountability, each group will focus on sharing what God is teaching them and living it out.


How do I find a [d]Group?

If you would like to be in a [d]Group, consider asking 2 to 4 other people to join you. Anyone can facilitate a [d]Group. Often [d]Groups form out of life groups. For more information, purchase a [d]Group Discipleship Journal from the resource center.

What size should a [d]Group be?

[d]Groups should be 3 to 5 people of the same gender. If there are just 2 people, may make it easy for one person to dominate the conversation. By having at least 3 people, if someone is not as comfortable sharing, they can follow along with the conversation instead of feeling like they have to keep the conversation going. When you have 3 to 5, if someone has to miss a session, you still have enough people to meet and have good discussion. Groups larger than 5 will find it difficult to fit everything in to the time constraint and some participants may be hesitant to share in a group this size or find it difficult “to get a word in.” Groups of 3 to 5 seem to be the sweet spot.


Where do [d]Groups meet?

[d]Groups can meet anywhere: restaurants, coffee shops, offices, homes, community centers, etc. Really anywhere you can sit and talk. Reading the Bible and praying in public with your [d]group may give you an opportunity to share the Gospel with others. We encourage [d]Groups to meet in a place that is convenient for them.

How often do [d]Groups meet?

[d]Groups meet weekly for about an hour to an hour and a half. It is important to meet consistently. Meeting weekly builds accountability into your group. If someone shows up without reading or doing their H.E.A.R. Journals and everyone else has, they will miss out on opportunities for growth. Meeting once a week to discuss how everyone is living out what God is teaching them keeps people active in applying God’s Truth to their lives.


What if I’m already in a Life Group?

This is great! Life Groups are a great way to be connected in Biblical Community and we believe they are a vital part of the church. Life Groups provide us with people in our lives who we can share life, care for each other, and study God’s Word together. [d]Groups provide a more intimate group to grow deeper in your faith and have a deeper level of accountability. Life Groups and [d]Groups don’t compete with each other, they compliment each other. In fact, a great place to find others to be in a [d]Group with is your own Life Group.

 Register your [d]Group so we can send information, tips, and other resources to help you facilitate your group and make disciples.