Band Auditions


Thanks for your interest in serving with your voice and/or instrument. We have a lot of opportunities to get plugged in at Southern Hills:

All Stars elementary ministry on Thursdays and Sundays
456 preteen ministry on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays
78 junior high ministry on Wednesdays
912 high school ministry on Wednesdays
Adult services on Thursdays and Sundays

To find where you will best fit, please submit an audition video and audition form.
If you play multiple instruments and want to audition with them all, we ask you submit separate videos for each. This includes vocalists who also play instruments.

After receiving your video and form, we will contact you with next steps within 2 weeks.

We’re so excited about all God is doing in our church, and we’re looking forward to seeing your audition video!


STEP 1: Download Audition Packet

You can pick between one of two songs for your audition. What is typically available to the band is included in the audition packet. Click the button below, choose which song you would like to use, and download the included files for the song.

STEP 2: Record Video

  • Use one of the mp3 files or YouTube link provided in the audition packet.

    • Musicians: Learn and use the original keys.

    • Vocalists: choose one of the provided keys that best suits your voice.

    • Background/Harmony Vocalists: use the original key mp3.

  • Record the video using your phone camera or other HD camera (a newer iPhone or Android phone should work just fine).

    • You’ll need something louder than your phone speakers for playing the music.

    • Musicians: We would like to see you and your instrument in the video. If you are auditioning for multiple instruments, submit a separate video for each.

STEP 3: Upload to YouTube

Upload your video to YouTube. Under Privacy Settings, select “Unlisted” and title with "[First Name] [Last Name]-SoHills Band Audition-[Song Name]” (Example: Andrew Brooks-SoHills Band Audition-Worthy of Your Name)

STEP 4: Submit Audition

Once your video is uploaded to Youtube, fill out and submit the "Audition Form,” including the links to your videos.