Equipped For Life

New electives are offered every 4 weeks.

6:30 PM - 7:45 PM
$10 per elective*

Childcare is provided for birth through 3rd grade (with dinner provided on Wednesdays only).
Dinner available on Wednesdays at 5:45 PM for $5



Wednesdays starting July 12 - August 2

All Christians are disciple-makers. This class will look at why we make disciples and strategic ways to do so.

Register by July 5.

What God Says About Eternity

Tuesdays starting August 1 - August 29

This life isn’t a destination, but a preparation for a final destination. This is a profoundly different way of approaching life. Having an eternal perspective will enable you to live for something bigger than yourself and larger than this moment. You won’t seek ultimate satisfaction from your relationships, locations and situations. When you understand eternity, you lead a life of greater significance and peace.

Based on “Forever” by Paul Tripp

Register by July 25.


Parents' Guide To Technology

Mondays starting August 14 - October 9

Kids and students are sharing and consuming more information than ever before. The average teen now spends 11 hours a day plugged into media, 2 of which are on social media sites. Just as you have taken steps to protect your home and car, you must do the same thing for your family when it comes to all the screen time in their life.

Register by August 7.

*Want to participate in an Elective, but unable to afford it?

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